The Art Of Desert Safari Cuisine

Finding yourself in the middle of the African Desert may present a few challenges to the skillful talents of a culinary artist. Ingredients are a lot harder to come by when you are stuck in the middle of the Desert. It’s just so much easier (and certainly more convenient) for a for a traditional restaurant chef who can very easily just pop out to nearest grocer to stock up on those must have necessities and luxury items.

However challenging, Culinary Artist Theresa Fehrsen has bravely stepped up to this challenge and is set to become the next Culinary Safari Chef Extraordinaire in her role as the new head chef at one of the most luxurious resorts in the Kalahari Desert.

Theresa Fehrsen has a lifelong fascination and passion for artistically tantalizing the palates by creatively presenting an array of culinary delights through inventive cooking. Being raised on a farm since she was a little girl, she always had access to an abundance of fresh produce and natural ingredients. Theresa’s fascination with natures own instilled in her from a very young age, a passion and skill in being able to effortlessly delivery incredible cuisine. The natural flair that she inherited from her mother for experimenting with food lead Theresa to Warwick’s Chef School in Hermanus in the Cape Province where she studied to become a master of the culinary arts.


Top Culinary Schools – My Rise To The Top

The greatest part about my job is being able to change someone’s mood.I wish it always changed for the better, but this just is’nt the case.Sometimes it would change for the worse depending on how bad I did. I have been an Executive chef for almost 12 years now and I work for a very high end restaurant.
15 years ago is when it all began.I was working as a laborer in a dead end warehouse.Warehouse work is very low pay and long hours. The long hours and low pay were the least of my worries.It was the fact that there was no room for a person who thinks outside of the box.If you enjoyed having every decision made for you without any input of your own than this job would have been perfect for you.Even if this would help the warehouse become more efficient.
I would usually get home from work around 6 at night.The store was right by my house so I always stopped by on the way home.Once I was home I started on dinner and then all my worries just disappeared.I would pass the evening trying different recipes, or just putting new spins on old ones.The thought of this is what got me through the day.
I had been doing this for about 4 years. Later one night my neighbor came by my home.He needed to talk about some home issues he was having.I wasnt sure why came to me to talk about his problems.I had no family, friends or even a girlfriend.I invited him in and he talked while I cooked. So that he thought I was listening I would aska question or two every few minutes or so.
I didnt want to be rude so I made him a plate too. We had dinner at the kitchen table.He just kept rambling on about his wife this and his wife that. Finally he took a bite of his dinner.I didnt hear another word out of him for the rest of our meal. I was happy that he could think about something other than his family issues.He had finished rather quickly and gave me the strangest look. I asked if everything was ok.He then asked where I learned to cook like this. I told him it was just something I do in my free time. He grabbed his cell phone, called his wife, and had her come over to my house.She sat down at the table while he got her a plate. She took one bite and her eyes lit up like a christmas tree.She then told me about a small Tuscan restaurant that she had recently opened but had not found a good cook yet. She asked if I would come and try it out for a couple of weeks. I told her I would be happy to.
I never went back to my warehouse job. About a year after taking the cooking job I decided to go to school so that I could further my career in the culinary arts. That was the best decision I ever made. I was able to go to one of the top culinary schools in the nation.
I still go back to that little Tuscan restaurant from time to time. Every time I do this story comes rushing back to me. I can’t believe how far I’ve come from that poor laborer in the warehouse.

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Automated Espresso Coffee Machine – Make the Tastiest Coffee Without Having to Leave The Kitchen

A morning coffee is among the biggest rituals throughout present day society, as well as going out with friends for coffee. Making the perfect coffee in your own home must consequently become a high priority and therefore obtaining the best unit for the task is critical.

Espresso Coffee Makers – the very best coffee machine

Due to the substantial amount of coffee makers available to buy, it really is hard to know which type to choose. Nowadays a lot more people are discovering the superior flavor of espresso coffee over alternative brewing techniques, thus an automated espresso coffee maker will be the only choice.


Gano Excel Coffee – Controversial Review of Gano Excel USA

Gano Excel USA is a network marketing company with unique products that we will explore throughout this article. However, this is not simply a gano excel review of the product or of the Gano Excel USA company. This article dives into the very core of what it takes to be successful in Gano Excel; How to effectively market the business and grow a team with Gano Excel USA; as well as offer detailed and potentially controversial Gano Excel reviews about Gano excel coffee and the other Gano Excel Products.

Gano Excel Reviews The company

Gano Excel USA opened up recently to markets in North America. Operating in over 100 other countries worldwide Gano Excel international, like many other direct sales companies are in the field of health and wellness. Thats right its yet another health and wellness network marketing company. So what makes this company unique?


Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Sports Fanatics

Chances are good that you bonded with your groomsmen over a shared love of sports. It’s one of the few activities that almost all guys can appreciate. So now that these men are standing by your side at your wedding, what better way to show your appreciation than with a sports-themed groomsmen gift? Here are a few ideas:

Sport-themed Beverage Containers

It’s a simple twist on a classic groomsmen gift: a glass with the logo of the groomsman’s favorite professional sports team. Beer lovers will appreciate either the Personalized NFL Mug or the Personalized MLB Mug. Each 12-ounce mug comes with the team logo on one side and the gift recipient’s name laser etched on the other. If the beer is most commonly consumed from a can, the NFL Can Koozie may be more appropriate. This silver-plated beer can holder sports an NFL logo on one side and can be personalized on the other. Guys who like hard liquor will love a Personalized NFL Shot Glass, which is a smaller version of the NFL Mug.


Know The Importance Of Coffee

Coffee originated on the plateaus of central Ethiopia. By A.D. 1000, Ethiopian Arabs were collecting the fruit of the tree, which grew wild, and preparing a beverage from its beans. During the fifteenth century traders Trans planted wild coffee trees from Africa to southern Arabia. The eastern Arabs, the first to cultivate coffee, soon adopted the Ethiopian Arabs’ practice of making a hot beverage from its ground, roasted beans.

The Arabs’ fondness for the drink spread rapidly along trade routes, and Venetians had been introduced to coffee by 1600. In Europe as in Arabia, church and state officials frequently proscribed the new drink, identifying it with the often-liberal discussions conducted by coffee house habitue, but the institutions nonetheless prolifolited nowhere more so than in seventeenth-century London. The first coffee house opened there in 1652, and a large number of such establishments (cafe’s) opened soon after on both the European continent (cafe derives from the French term for coffee) and in North America, where they appeared in such Eastern cities as New York, Boston, and Philadelphia in the last decade of the seventeenth century.

In the United States, coffee achieved the same, almost instantmenil popularity that it had won in Europe. However, the brew favored by early American coffee drinkers tasted significantly different from that enjoyed by today’s connoisseurs, as nineteenth-century cookbooks make clear. One 1844 cookbooks instructed people to use a much higher coffee/water ratio than we favor today (one per sixteenounes); boil the brew for almost a half an hour (today people are instructed never to boil coffee); and add fish skin, (a made from the air bladders of fish), or egg shells to reduce the acidity brought out by boiling the beans so long (today we would discard overly acidic coffee). Coffee yielded from this recipe would strike modern coffee lovers as intolerably strong and acidic; moreover, it would have little aroma


Things To Produce With A Masticating Juicer

Juicing is one of the healthiest food processing that is known to people. Whenever juicing is talked about, it is understandable for you to think of many kinds of juicers. In the first place, there are indeed a lot of juicers out on the market. The one that is continuously gaining popularity is the masticating juicer. The term masticating might sound a bit scary, however you should be glad to learn that the juicing method it utilizes can actually be considered as the best and most effective.

Essentially, a masticating juicer operates like our mouth and teeth. It does not simply slice the foodstuff that is fed to it. Instead, much like the way the teeth would chew food, the juicer’s blades will crush, slow, and seemingly chew the foods placed to it. This sets the masticating juicers aside from others. It operates more efficiently and it can squash out all the essential vitamins and minerals from your food while providing much more juice.

Beneath are some things that you may make utilizing a masticating juicer (like the Super Angel 5500).


Brazil People And Food

Brazil has hundreds of miles of pristine and undeveloped beaches that stretch from the tropical north to Rio de Janeiro and all the way down to the border with Uruguay. With cities such as Rio, there are plenty of developed areas to buy in and be near the ocean, but there are also many less expensive areas farther north. The most popular stretch of coast for new development and international investment is in the northeast, stretching from Salvador, in the state of Bahia, around Natal at the tip of Brazil and up to Fortaleza.

While this part of the country has long been popular with Brazilians as an ideal place to take a vacation, it hasn’t been nearly so well known to foreigners. That means that home and property prices are still relatively low, particularly when compared to traditional retirement havens such as Florida, California and the Caribbean.

Major investment is ongoing to improve Brazil’s infrastructure and create purpose built tourist facilities. Due to increased efforts by its government, Brazil experienced 48% growth in its tourism industry between 2002 and 2005, with further growth predicted in 2006.